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Tell Your Friends About Us & Get 2 Free Cuban Cigars. has grown primarily thanks to our great customers and their referrals. From now on
we'd like to thank and reward you for your referrals and loyalty to our service.

Just Follow These Easy Steps:

1. Tell your friend to add your name to the comments section on their first order from and they'll get a free Cuban cigar to try - (min order $150.00)

2. To get your 2 Free Cuban cigars, add your friends name to the comments section followed
by "referred" on your next order. We'll make sure to add 2 nice Cuban cigars to sample.

3. If you have more friends to tell, then there's more Free Cuban cigars to try.

*If you forgot to add your friends name when you ordered then give us a call, we'll add the
note to your order and ensure it gets through so you can get your free cigars.