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When you Purchase from Bellhop Cigars these are State Taxes you Don’t need to pay. The table below contains the large cigar  tax rates for each State in the U.S.A.

The example price of $100.00 per box of cigars (could be a box of 25, 20, 15 or 10’s) – the price a retailer in your area would invoice you at, before they apply the taxes in each respective state. In addition, this chart does not show any local taxes that may be applied.

Please note: *New York’s cigar tax is set at 75%, but the state has established an “industry standard relief” that can be applied in some instances. This rate is effectively 28.5% of the wholesale price. But the savings go to the wholesaler and the consumer still ends up paying 75%.More details on the industry standard can be found here.

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Pay No taxes – Pay No duty