The Bellhop Cigars Difference

Our objective is to provide you with the best possible prices for Cuban Cigars, Armistice cigars and other premium brands at Now there’s no need to wait for those special discounts on your favorite cigar.

Over the last 14 years our international purchasing power has grown enormously and due to the strength of the American dollar we can now offer everyday low prices.

Getting your cigars from Bellhop makes you part of one of the largest cigar buying groups in the world.

The only way we can keep our prices low for you is by leveraging the sales of a large cigar buying group (our valued customers). Ensure you check out our emails when we send them! Buying from can guarantee you lower and lower prices on your favorite cigars.

Cuban Cigars
USA Guaranteed Express Shipping

USA Guaranteed Shipping

We guarantee that you’ll receive your order. If there are any issues, hold-ups or shipping problems, we ensure that you’ll get your order no matter what.

Cuban Cigars are one of the most difficult perishable products to ship securely into the United States. Bellhop Cigars offer the fastest and safest shipping to our customers versus any other competitor. Our customers choose Bellhop because of our reliability.

No Taxes. No Duties. No BS.

Because we do not charge any levies, duties or taxes, we technically have the best prices online for Cuban cigars. Because you will not be charged at your door when your order arrives (unlike our competition) our prices are some of the most competitive you’ll find. When purchasing from our competitors, you may discover weeks later that your Federal Government has sent you an invoice for Duties & Taxes not paid.

Montecristo Cigars

Best Cigar Quality. 100% Guaranteed Authentic.

Bellhop Cigars has a 14 year flawless reputation for delivering the highest quality Cuban and Premium cigars to our U.S.A. customers. No one else comes close. Our cigars are inspected meticulously by our cigar and humidor experts before shipping. If, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with our cigars, please call us immediately. Toll free 1-855-295-6598.

If you find cheaper prices for cigars online, be wary of counterfeit cigars! Our cigars 100% guaranteed authentic Cuban.

Personalized Customer Service

Need advice about which cigar suits you best? Need some advice regarding your collection? Is there a cigar you want that we don’t have? CALL US ANYTIME! Speak directly with the owners of Bellhop Cigars. We’ll ensure you’re taken care of and completely satisfied.