We’ve made it easier than ever to search for and find your favorite cigars. Read on below to find out how to best use our website when searching for cigars.

Search Bar

Looking for a specific cigar? Using the Search Bar is the easiest way to quickly find a cigar. As you start typing it will show you the closest matching products to your search.

You can find the search bar at the top of the website on any device you browse the website. On a mobile device you can also find the search bar in the slide-out navigation.

Shop by Brand

Have a brand you love more than all else? You can use our Brands page to quickly find all the cigar brands Bellhop has available, then see all the products under that brand.

You can find our Cigar Brands page in the navigation just under the search bar.

Shop Our Collections

We’ve created an assortment of cigar collections to view the most popular cigar groupings that our customers are looking for. Use these collections to quickly find specific types of cigars you may be interested in.

You can find our Cigar Collections page in the navigation just under the search bar.

We’ll continue to add new collections here based on feedback from customers. Leave us comment if you’d like to see a new cigar collection.

Using Shop Filters & Sorting

You can use the filters in our shop to narrow down any collection or category of cigars. These filters will allow you to find very exact combinations of cigars that you may have a strong preference for.

Filters can be used on the following cigar attributes:

  • Brand
  • Country of Origin
  • Strength
  • Vitola
  • Ring Gauge
  • Length

To access these filters, click the filters button at the top of the shop product list.

Sorting can be used to arrange the product list to your desired preference. From customer popularity, rating, newness to Bellhop, and price. Sorting can be accessed in the same filters menu as above.

Our most common product filters are quickly available on the left of the product list. On your mobile device you can access these quick filters using the “Show Sidebar” button or the filters button at the very bottom of your screen. You can use these quick filters to:

  • Filter products with minimum or maximum price options
  • Quickly filter for products on sale or only products in stock
  • Filter for specific brands in the shop product list

We hope you use these powerful tools to find the perfect cigar. Happy smoking!

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